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We are always looking for good people to join our team! If you would like to be considered for an interview and possible employment, please download our application kit below.

Read it over in full, fill it out, sign it, then bring it on down to Diana’s Cucina & Lounge at R-730 St. Anne’s Road

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Choose Your Dough

All of our crusts are hand tossed. Our dough is made on site from scratch with 100% olive oil & sea salt for authentic Italian flavour.

Cucina is pronounced ‘Coo-chee-na’ and is the Italian word for ‘Kitchen’.


Diana Cline, 8 time Canadian Pizza Champion, and one of the company founders has always been particular about her food; from the quality of the ingredients used to the way it’s prepared, her preferences for the best have always come naturally.

Our Restaurant

Our award winning marinara is made fresh in the Cucina, using the highest standard available for crushed tomatoes, then marinating them for 24 hours with our own proprietary blend of herbs and spices.

At Diana’s, we are competitively priced to bring you the very best of the best flavours and skills creating great tasting pizzas, salads, wings, appetizers, and desserts.

Our philosophy is that pizza, when it is made with simple all-natural ingredients is quite healthful and nutritious. Lean meats, low fat mozzarella and fresh fruits and vegetables make up a nutritious and satisfying meal for busy families. No guilt, no regrets, just good food made with real-food ingredients.

Here at Diana’s, we pride ourselves on the quality of the gourmet pizzas that we serve and also the quality of service that we provide to each guest that comes through our door.

Restaurant Outside View